10 Discord Servers For Minecraft in 2023

Discord servers have completely taken over the world of video games. rising quickly the ladder of the most favored platforms among the many online communities worldwide. Minecraft Discord Servers are not an exception to this rule. The best Minecraft discord servers are listed in our article, where you may meet new people, get advice, enjoy the in-game experience, and more.

Every enthusiast can join one of the many unique Discord communities dedicated to Minecraft. All users of these Minecraft discord servers can share their in-game creations, find other players to play with, get help with the game, and much more.

Therefore, I am going to introduce you to the top 10 best discord servers for Minecraft with a sizable community in this article. In light of this, let’s look more closely at the top Minecraft discord servers.

List Of Best Discord Servers For Minecraft

1. Mystic

Mystic is definitely a server worth checking into if your goal is to socialize with other players of the game. The Minecraft server on this particular discord channel monitors broad discussions about single-player, servers, and certain mechanisms in Minecraft.

Unlike other Minecraft Discord servers, this one allows players to participate in a variety of giveaways almost every day, ranging from Hypixel levels to Discord Nitro subscriptions.

2. Official Minecraft Discord

With an astounding 700,000 active users, the official Minecraft Discord server is among the largest and greatest discord servers for the game out there. Given that it’s the only official Discord server for Minecraft, one would wonder why it’s not ranked much higher. The rationale for this is that, while Discord is still in its early stages, there is still a hard cap of 700,000 users per server, which makes it somewhat difficult for new users to sign up. However, every week, the server moderators actively remove every idle user. Players are advised to regularly try their luck to see if they can ever snag a spot.

3. Minecraft SMP

I would recommend Minecraft SMP as the greatest Discord server for Minecraft support if you’re looking for it. This server’s staff members are all very laid back and willing to assist you in any way they can. Whether it’s ticketing, figuring out how SMP and the Java Edition overlap, etc.

Additionally, there are dynamic chats for Valheim, Among Us, and Minecraft on Minecraft SMP. Thus, joining this server offers you more than just a friendly gaming community for Minecraft—it also offers access to other popular titles. This is one of the best Discord servers for Minecraft if you want to meet new friends while playing.

4. Skyblock Simplified

Fans of the wildly popular Hypixel Skyblock game mode might be interested in checking out the Skyblock Simplified Discord server, which is a dedicated community focused on anything related to Hypixel Skyblock.

This server offers a number of advantages. All users can trade their Skyblock things with other users on the Skyblock Simplified Discord server. They can also talk to other like-minded Minecraft maniacs and get the help they need. This is the precise Minecraft Discord server you have been searching for, isn’t it?

5. Midnight Oasis

Midnight Oasis is another Discord server that has been added to the list of the top Discord servers for Minecraft. This one is well-known for providing presents and other benefits to its community at no cost. This is the perfect server for you if you have a clean atmosphere in mind!

Finally, this server features bots who provide you with technical details regarding Discord and the game Minecraft. The people on this server are quite engaged and accustomed to offering advice, information from guides, and insights—and that’s only the beginning!

6. Cosmic Craft

On the most basic level, Cosmic Craft is a Minecraft center point server that provides a ton of excellent multiplayer game modes. This Minecraft Discord server has been improved over the course of its nearly 8 years of exceptional uptime.

In addition, Cosmic Craft regularly hosts thrilling Discord Nitro giveaways on their Discord channel in addition to traditional giveaways. These are open to players with a chance to win. So choose this Minecraft Discord server to take advantage of all the fantastic gifts.

7. Hypixel

Hypixel is yet another fantastic server among the Top Minecraft Discord servers. Hypixel caters to a broad spectrum of gamers, with a primary concentration on those that play Minecraft. Using this server, you can arrange a get-together to discuss your opinions on various gameplays and efficiently find friends. Gamers of Sky Wars and Murder Mystery can now register here to share their interactive experiences, in addition to Minecraft players.

To succeed on this server, you don’t have to be the greatest player. In actuality, anyone may join in here to talk about games and show off their love for them, even beginners. Tell me, isn’t this the Minecraft Discord server you were looking for?

8. Purple Prison

Among the best Minecraft Discord servers is another old server called Purple Prison. It was first visible around seven years ago. Over this extended time, our Discord server has nurtured an amazing group of devoted players.

With over 35,000 users, Purple Prison boasts the distinction of being one of the major Discord servers focused on Minecraft. On this server, users can even take advantage of popular bots like Dank-Memes, Poke-Card, and many others.

9. The Vent

The Vent is a very well-known Minecraft Discord server. It’s one of the newest servers, has good reviews, and can be the perfect place for certain lovers of the game to go. You can create your group on the server and establish a lot of rules to manage the participants. Your group won’t be led by staff members or bots, which is a feature that sets it apart from other servers on our list.

Moreover, you can make use of the numerous devices the server carries along, communicate locally with anyone, and engage in a variety of cooperative activities. Although the surrounding region is quite safe, if you wind up joining particular lobbies, you may run into some payoffs. That way, you know which Discord server to use for Minecraft if you enjoy riding the hype.

10. Cosmic MC

This particular server appears to have over 9000 users, making it one of the most popular servers amongst players of Minecraft. This is a hub for Minecraft, which even provides options for multiplayer gameplay. The fact that there are no restrictions on who can join this discord server is among the things that makes it one of the greatest for Minecraft. They also regularly give away nitro as part of their ritual.

Final Thoughts

Thus, these were the best Discord servers for Minecraft where you could join in, meet new friends, and have a great time exploring the vibrant neighborhood. I have put a lot of emphasis on non-toxic servers so you may enjoy playing Minecraft without worrying about being a victim of cyberbullying.

That’s all from us, anyway. In addition, before we shut down, did we bypass any of the popular Minecraft Discord servers? Please let us know and suggest your best Discord servers for Minecraft in the space provided for comments below. Maintain Contact!

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